A review of the transport assessment and road improvements package which was submitted as part of the application for new homes, is being carried out by independent consultants Mott Macdonald on behalf of Bromsgrove District Council (BDC). 


The transport assessment and road improvements package has received the backing of Worcestershire County Council (WCC).

In order to mitigate increased traffic from developments and organic growth over the next 14 years, improvements are required to replace the existing Fox Lane/Rock Hill T-junction.

The existing junction is known to be the cause of queues along Fox Lane, while the limited visibility at the junction mouth further slows the rate of exiting traffic, while also producing a potential safety risk as drivers may emerge on to Rock Hill without being aware of approaching vehicles.

Without development like Whitford Green providing funding and additional Government investment, the traffic congestion in Bromsgrove will continue to deteriorate.

The new roundabout with 2 lane entry on all approaches will reduce traffic in peak hours by allowing traffic coming down Fox Lane and turning into Rock Hill Road to flow more easily.  This has been designed to accommodate traffic levels expected by 2030.

Completion of a new roundabout at the Fox Land and Rock Hill Road junction and other road improvement works prior to new residents taking occupation.

In addition significant financial contributions for highways improvements including signal works at Kidderminster Road, Whitford Road, St John’s Road, Hanover Street and the A38.