Planning Background

The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) provides a national planning framework for Councils reflecting the needs and priorities of their communities, with a strong emphasis on the delivery of sustainable development. 

The NPPF places great weight on the need to maintain the 5-year land supply, and on the need to boost housing supply on suitable sites. These are powerful considerations in favour of granting permission.

Why New Homes Here?

The Government is committed to building a record number of new homes which is also recognised in the recent Housing White Paper, Fixing our Broken Housing Market, which was published on 7th February 2017.  The Housing White Paper seeks to encourage small to medium size sites such as this to encourage a diversity of house builders and recognises these sites offer added flexibility to housing supply, due to inevitable delays to large scale urban extensions.

The Whitford Green planning application comprises 490 new dwellings on the Whitford Road site, known as BROM 3 in the adopted Bromsgrove District Plan. The site is one of the main strategic allocations for Bromsgrove and following adoption of the District Plan by the Council in January 2017, the site was released from the green belt. The application also includes 15 new homes on part of the former Greyhound pub site, including demolition of the former pub itself and the creation of a new, much needed roundabout required as part of a package of local highways improvements.

Planning Application Reference: 16/1132.

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“Outline Planning Application for Site A (Land off Whitford Road) provision of up to 490 dwellings, Class A1 retail local shop (up to 400 sqm), two new priority accesses onto Whitford Road, public open space, landscaping and sustainable urban drainage, and Site B (Land off Albert Road) demolition of Greyhound Public House, provision of up to 15 dwellings, new priority access onto Albert Road, landscaping and sustainable drainage.”

This application is due before the Planning Committee in September 2018. Determination of the planning application has been delayed to allow time for a review of the transport assessment and road improvements package which was submitted as part of the application.  Independent consultants Mott Macdonald have been asked by Bromsgrove District Council (BDC) to independently review the proposals submitted, which has also received the backing of Worcestershire County Council (WCC).